Here’s to the Legend that is Steve Jobs

Guy Kawasaki on the Death of Steve Jobs from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.


October 5th, 2011

By BF Peters

Today we have lost a great man who has come to represent the recent simplicity in technological design and is known as a meticulous perfectionists, Steve Jobs has passed at the age of 56.  Steve helped lead 3 successful companies, NeXT, Pixar and Apple, twice. Yet today many of us are sitting down and reflecting on how this man and his product have affected our lives on this day of his passing.

My first experience came when I was just 5, yet my baby sitter brought his Macintosh to my house to work on work and this was my first experience of using a computer and seeing the world of possibilities could hold.  Later as I got older, my parents got my brother and I our own Apple IIe to help us learn our ABC’s. Now his products have influenced my life from acting as my alarm clock to keeping connected to my friends, and I am amazed how one man’s visions have helped to influence all of the products.

But some of the things that have lasting images include the extraordinary ads like the Macintosh ad that represents IBM as “Big Brother” and help to launch a brand or the simple black and white images that taught us to dream or even the silhouette iPod ads that help capture the image of listing to music as being fun..  The beauty of Steve was his simplicity in messages and always having a hand in selling and marketing his product to its core audience. Another thing to realize is how his products have help spur marketing from his creative campaigns to giving us the hardware to create.

And much like in Guy Kawasaki’s surprised speech on his friend and former boss, we can learn a lot about marketing and being a leader from the man who has pass to the iCloud in the sky.  Thank you Steve for all that you have given us whether by your design or perseverance.

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